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Notes from Class and Quote extracts or outlines of projects

Contending Theories in International Politics 2003

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  Rough notes or quote extracts for discussion Notes Author
  Theory discussion from second class and Feb reading to be added to ak
  induction - deduction extract    
  The Level of analysis Problem in International Relations.doc rough Notes ak
  World-Politics-Primative-Political system-r.d.Masters.doc Rough Notes ak
  Draft of Ofuatey-kodjoe-Quatable-quotes-from class.doc    
  Interl-politics-compare-paper-outline-chart-draft.doc Interpretation of Beginning of discussion of Class Paper  
  e-mail-class-chart-discussion-05-Mar-2003.html Initial cells to be added to chart - compare ak
NEW Access table and extracts comparing Theories etc. very much a work in progress  
   Friday Mar 7th 2003- Class Dinner  - was great ! Doc link removed - contact Letizia for any follow-up issues Letizia =
  Draft Summary note of Multipolar Power Systems and International Stability - Karl W. Deutsch and J David singer p.315 of International Politics and Foreign Policy, Revised Edition 1969, Edited by James N. Rossenau : A reader in Research and Theory Beginning of note     [word doc format]

see also scan of article at multipolar-power-systems-international-security.pdf

ak s
   Branislav L. Slantchev Theory of International Politics , Kenneth N. Waltz, New York: McGraw-Hill, 1979; Pages: 250 6 page review generally follows outline of book

Review 2001 Branislav L. Slantchev
    Illogical-reasoning-of-a-war-against-Iraq.doc Peter Freundlich is a freelance journalist in New York.
    Excerpt of Definitions from International Relations pdf file = pages source to be noted

Liberalism, Neo Liberalism, Realism, Neo realism, [Note sometimes Definition begins mid page of doc scanned]

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  wednt-change-note-2003-may-23-letiza.htm draft -  , Present and explain Alexander Wendt's explanation of international systemic change. Wendt exact definition so I do not need to do it again for preparation of the first exam,   Best Letizia 23 May 2003
  compare-keyw-kamran-keefe-note3.doc Wendt : compare Change - Morgenthau, Waltz, Gilpin, Keohane, Kaplan - compiled  shorthand notes from consolidated a.kamran, a.keefe previous note and small study group of 25 may. 
 just key points for discussion -.  maybe too cryptic for others not present?? -  word format doc
  Change-chart-a-keefe-4-wendt-morgenthau-waltz-keohane-gilpin-kaplan.htm  grid of key points to use in discussion of Wendt, Morgenthau, Waltz, Gilpin, Keohane, Kaplan Akeefe