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Comparing Contending Theories in International Politics 2003


Access table and extracts comparing Theories etc.

very much a work in progress

  Draft Table related to Comparing Theories for discussion Notes Author
  Compare-Theory-001-Qry-01.html Fields taken from Items discussed in class [to be confirmed and consolidated]  
    [see also separate NOTES -LIMITS fields]  
  Compare-Theory-001-Qry-02.html Heading fields from journal article with data entered [proposed] for variations or additions to theory - to be confirmed and consolidated -not to mention spelling check :-)i  
  Compare-Theory-001-notes-limits.html Notes and Limits fields  
  Compare-Theory-001 Qry03-all.html All items thus far [Items from class begin to separate for Waltz, Morgenthau etc.  
  Compare-Theory-rpt-all-fields-column-format.html previous Report in Column format for all fields and items [16 pages]  
NEW Compare-Theory-All Fields-page-format.html Report in Page format for all fields as of 8 May 2003 [29 pages??]  
   Db converted to access 97 format This is the whole db - so would need to download first and then open in access if interested - not complete data -older version  
  int-pol-contend-theory-2000-format.mdb This is the whole db - download first and then open in access . format in access 2000 as of 16 Apr 2003  
  compare-theory-00-notes-limits-main.html Main theories with notes and limits s enterd as of 05 may 2003  
NEW Compare-theory-001-Qry-04.htm Main Theories & Fields from Blackboard in class [8 May] to be consolidated  
  Compare-Theory-001-Qry-05-test-author.html Many fields in table format for 6 authors -wide  
NEW BEST compare-theory-001-qry-06-test-note.html Change -Stability Note fields for the 6 Authors  [20 may]  
  Compare-Theory-001-Qry-07-all-5aut.html Mot fields for table format - 6 authors -too wide for page  
  Compare-Theory-001-Qry-07-all-5aut-page.html Page format -test 6 authors