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7:18:41 AM 7:18:41 AM Compare-Theory-Report All fields 003 Column Format

Number sort to group items 00

Class-Defined ClassDefined - proposed [p] or validated [v] fields

Theory-name Theory Name -Heading Field - sample

Theory-Purpose Purpose of Theory - definition - What is it trying to do

Note Note

Definition-power Definition of power

Measure-success How measure success of Theory - Capacity to describe, explain and predict? See also "How

to test"

Motivation-Actors Motivation of Actors, - Actors Interest - National Interest ,

Discuss- Foreign-relations Discussion of Foreign relations [objective of Foreign Relations,]

National-Interest National Interest - not sure of this field

System-Change-Stability What factors account for Change and Stability in the system [How stable is it],

Prescriptions Prescriptions/ Predictions

Reliability Reliability

Literature-Defined Literature Defined

Theoretical-Proposition Main Theoretical Proposition

Units-Analysis Main Units of Analysis

Instruments Main Instruments

Modern-Theorists Modern Theorists

Modern-Works Representative Modern Works

Post-Cold-War Post-Cold War Prediction

Limitation Main Limitation

Reference Reference for the data entred - who said it or generaly assumed. Agreed by OK class?

link link to other or related sources

Sort-Catagories Sort Categories for Grouping Theories

What-necesary What necessary for this Theory to be true, What are minimal requirements or conditions of

the Theory

How-test How test the Theory, Beware assumptions which can not be explained by "real life" especialy

if the statement or prediction proports to be reliable in "real life"

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