Subj: Re: reading for Kodjoe's class - chart comparing theories  
Date: 05-Mar-2003 8:13:13 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Adhiratha

Thank you Annelies that is great and a real good start to add to the baseline
1.    I note the narrative from
INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: ONE WORLD, MANY THEORIES ,  By: Walt, Stephen M., Foreign Policy, 00157228, Spring98, Issue 110 covers p29, 17p
Where Are We Coming From? , Realism Liberalism Radical Approaches , Domestic Politics,  New Wrinkles in Old Paradigms , Realism Redux , New Life for Liberalism Constructivist Theories , Domestic Politics Reconsidered , Tomorrow's Conceptual Toolbox Want to Know More? , Waiting for Mr. X

2.  The chart at the end for
2.a  Realism Liberalism and Constructivist Theories

2.b the following Cells are included:
Main Theoretical Proposition,
-      Main Units of Analysis,
-      Main Instruments,
-      Modern Theorists,
-      Representative Modern Works,
-      Post-Cold War,
-      Main Limitation,

3.   I propose we extend the chart in two ways:
3.a -     add other paradigms
              [ marxism, structural realism, neorealism - suggestions?]
3.c -    Additional cells
             [Kodjoe's from class - I could use some help in wording this
-     [Purpose of the Theory,
-     Basic assumptions,
-     Definition of power,
-     How measure success of Theory,
-     Motivation of Actors, - Actors Interest - National Interest ,
-     Discussion of Foreign relations [objective of Foreign Relations,]
-     What factors account for Change and Stability in the system [How stable is it],
-     Prescriptions?,
-     Reliability,

I will begin to format in next few days and welcome suggestions for wording of cells [rows or columns headings] or contents and additions etc.  If you have a source please provide and I will note in reference column..

Work in Progress at

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