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Class-Defined Main Test9

Theory-name Realism [ according to Morgenthau = Classical?

Theory-Purpose States engage in balancing power which is likely to produce

stability. Effect is that Int'l system can produce stability in

Note 1.Political realism believes that politics, like society in

general, is governed by objective laws that have their roots

in human nature. politics -- concept of interest

defined in terms of power.

3. Realism assumes that its key concept of interest

defined as power is an objective category which is

universally valid, but it does not endow that concept with a

meaning that is fixed once and for all.

4. Realism maintains that universal moral principles cannot

be applied to the actions of states in their abstract universal

formulation, but that they must be filtered through the

concrete circumstances of time and place.

5. Political realism refuses to identify the moral aspirations

of a particular nation with the moral laws that govern the


6. "difference" =political realist maintains the autonomy of

the political sphere, as the economist, the lawyer, the

moralist maintain theirs. Political realist asks: "How does this

policy affect the power of the nation?" p16 = For only by

deceiving himself about the nature of politics and the role he

plays on the political scene is man able to live contentedly

as a political animal with himself and his fellow men.

Morgenthau,Brief Edition 1993 p.4-16


Definition-power Ability to coerce, ability to control others, ) 0 sum quality to

power. Power is and end in itself. BOP = situation of

System-Change- support status quo or bipolar

System-Change- ..

What-necesary- Relies on objective national interests; relied on assumption

of power, rationality a and balance of power. NAIC Keohane

Limitation Assumes states act like individuals with "will to power".

Blames a small number of behavior traits for conflict while

ignoring more benign aspects of human nature which point in

the other direction. NAIC Keohane p.11 j

Failure to explain varieties in warfare over time and space.

If human nature is constant why shouldn't warfare be

constant? NAIC Keohane p.11

Separates the spheres of economics, religious-moral from


No theory of peaceful changes. Put whatever faith he had in

diplomacy NAIC Keohane, p 203

failed to distinguish between power as a resource and power

as ability to influence other's behavior.

BOP = situation of equilibrium as well as any situation in

which power struggles take place. double meaning lead to

difficulties for Morgenthau

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