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Theory-name Constructivist? - Robert Gilpen-Power TransitionTheory?

Theory-Purpose ..

Note Possible to identify recurrrent paterns, comon elements, and

general tendencies in the major turning points in

international History. International Political Change is the

result of efforts of actors to change the international

system in order to advance their own interests" however

these intersts may be defined (security, economic gain,

ideological goals [war & Change p.3 &10

State will attempt to change the international system if the

expected benefits exceed the expected costs (i.e. if ther is

an expected net gain) [War and Change p.10]

"The differential growth of power of the various states in the

system causes a fundamantal redistribution of power in the

system"[W&C p.13]

Definition-power Gilpen Hegemon = One who is able to influence his wil.l

System-Change- ..

System-Change- ..



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