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Montreal Reunion

50 alumni are gathering in Montreal to renew friendship ties. WAWIG is holding its 19th reunion – the largest ever in its history. The agenda includes sightseeing, of course, the old city and beautiful lake, nearby villages for fall foliage and a visit to Mont Tremblaut, a premiere ski resort. A social gathering of long-standing the coming together will take a look at this web site and plan its future course.

UNICEF History Site:

UNICEF’s history project has been kept alive by the dedicated efforts of individual staff members who respond daily to individual and institutional research requests. Last year a history web site was developed by Adhiratha Keefe, then Project Development Officer and now retiree, on his own initiative. With the great support of Upasana Young the site invites readers to explore and discover connections, learn about past readers and programme and advocacydevelopment.

UNICEF Policy Developments

Last month the UNICEF Executive Board approved a Child Protection Strategy. The strategy does not set new or different goals, targets or indicators set out in the MTSP 2006-2009 nor does it detail
programme guidance. It does identify strategic actions for better child protection worldwide by building a more protective environment.

The strategy has five principal sections that detail support actions:(a) strengthening national protection systems; (b) supporting social change; (c) promoting child protection in conflict and natural
disasters. The cross-cutting areas are (d) evidence building and knowledge management, and (e) convening and catalyzing agents of change.

An evaluation of Gender Policy implementation, “Evaluation of Gender Policy Implementation in UNICEF”, March 2008 states four main findings: (1)UNICEF’s1994 gender policy remains relevant; (2) The policy needs to be updated to address programme challenges; (3) Country office staff feel that the 1994 policy is not sufficiently accessible (Many were not familiar with the policy.) It should be accompanied by an operational framework to guide programming; (4) Gender mainstreaming is still a valid approach
to integrating gender equality.

We plan to have a link to UNICEF’s document repository and the Evaluation site.

*NOTE: the text above is mock up draftl Final to be decided by UNICEF retirement association


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