The CEF46 Society  
   The association for retirees and former staff of Unicef

About Us*
Retirees of UNICEF have long wanted to establish a network that would reach around the globe.With the help of Kul Gautam, and friends in DOC and the GSA we now have a website. What you are viewing today is a sample frame. The headings suggest a range of contents which we hope will be of interest to all retirees and former staff members. Click on the various headings and see for yourself. (

 *NOTE: the text above is mock up draftl Final to be decided by UNICEF retirement association

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Our task now is to establish an association that will take responsibility for managing the site, gathering and sharing
information and establishing a forum for the exchange of
views. The first step is to invite each of you to join the network by logging in below.




The CEF46 Society is an association of retirees and former staff of UNICEF.
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