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Theory-name Generic Theory

Theory-Purpose 1.Theories are collections or sets of Laws Pertaining to a particular Behavior or

phenomenon. 2. For K.Waltz better = Theories Explain Laws. Laws are "facts of

Observation", Theories are "speculative processes introduced to explain them"

Note 1..Theories contain at least one theoretical assumption. Since not factual - can ask if

useful.2. Must be evaluated in terms of what claim to explain. 3. As general

explanatory system, cannot account for particularities.-Waltz -ToIP p. 118

Definition-power NA.= Not Applicable for Power

Measure-success Is the Theory internally constant and will it tell us things we would not know in its

absence. Depict a domain. Displays its organization & connections among parts,

compare with observations,

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Prescriptions .

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What-necesary-assumption: .

How-test Are expected behaviors and outcomes repeatedly found where the conditions

contemplated by the theory obtain? -Waltz -ToIP p. 123 Choose hard case situations,

for example, in which parties have strong reasons to behave counter to predictions.
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