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1 Farmers organize to promote interests G:rassroots participation essential for successful rural development  By Masimba Tafirenyika " According to the International Cooperative Alliance, the number of farmers' cooperatives in Africa is smaller than in other regions and accounts for just 6 per cent of the world total, but is still significant: 24,000 cooperative associations, with some 10.4 million members. In some countries, such as Morocco, one in five small-scale farmers belongs to a farmers' organization, most frequently a cooperative.
  Cooperative Development :Occasional Discussion Paper 97 - 1; Cooperatives and Employment in Africa by Jürgen Schwettmann - ILO Cooperative Branch
  Promoting Rural Cooperatives in Developing Countries: The Case of SubSaharan Africa

in UCSD Economics Discussion Papers from University of California at San Diego, Department of Economics
  Governance and the Economy in Africa: Tools for Analysis and Reform of Corruption
  United Nations : DESA : Gateway to Social Policy and Development: Home. Expert Group Meeting. Supportive Environment for Cooperatives: A Stakeholder Dialogue on Definitions, Prerequisites and...
  Cooperatives and Sustainable Development :Bridging government initiative and people's participation in rural development (1998) ; Business lessons for handloom co-operatives (1998); Co-operative Agenda 21; Cooperatives -- Silent Giants;  Co-operatives and Sustainable Human Development,  Co-ops & Human Sustainable Development: Asia/Pacific,  Co-ops & Human Sustainable Development: The Americas, Co-ops & Human Sustainable Development: Europe, Co-ops & Human Sustainable Development: Global Perspective, Co-ops & Human Sustainable Development: West Africa ; Coops & the Implementation of UN Agenda 21; Report on Cooperatives and the Environment to the 1992 ICA Congress in Tokyo; Women and Environment: Views from the ICA Women's Committee; Sustainability in Costa Rica . -United States
  Lwak Agricultural Development and Nutrition Program , Country = Kenya ; Activity To assist Lwak Homecraft Training Institute, a community center located in western Kenya run by Franciscan nuns from the area, in implementing an agricultural and nutrition program in order to prevent Kwashiorkor and Marasmus in children.. This program implements the Institute's charter to "train mothers within the vicinity to raise their living standards and that of their families by fighting malnutrition and making them instruments of change in the society."

Note: Global Alliance for Africa is a not-for-profit organization ... organizations. AIDS in Africa: The Lost Generation ... Orphans Program Womens's Cooperatives Nurses Scholarship Programs ... Orphans Global Alliance for Africa is gathering a group ... AIDS Orphans programs in Africa. Participants will solicit ...

Then womens cooperatives

  Promoting a Progressive Cooperative Movement in South Africa:  The Issue of Finance - By Rob Davies
  Promoting Rural Cooperatives in Developing Countries: The Case of SubSaharan Africa Avishay Braverman ; J. Luis Guasch; Monika Huppi  
  Sustainable Rural Development in Western Africa: The Naam Movement and the Six 'S'  by Takehiko Uemura  --.. officials of village groups and cooperatives. These organizations have ... organizational framework of European cooperatives. A Kombi-Naam group practiced ... counsellors, which harnesses ..

Associate Professional Officer, People's Participation/Environment; Rural Institutions and Participation Service (SDAR); FAO Rural Development Division
   Co-operative Information Superhighway. This is an official site of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), the apex organisation of the international co-operative movement. It aims to be the clearing house of information on co-operatives worldwide and from all sectors. It is also the gateway to ICA sites.

ICA America ICA Asia & The Pacific ICA Africa ICA President -- Specialised Bodies ... offices in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. At present the following regional office ... Americas, Europe, Asia and the Pacific, Africa Co-operatives by sector Search for co ...

The ICA is an international non-governmental organisation which unites, represents and serves co-operatives worldwide. The ICA International Co-operative Web Site contains information on the International Co-operative Alliance, its aims and activities and information on the co-operative movement in different economic sectors: agriculture, banking, credit, consumer, energy, fisheries, housing, insurance, workers, tourism and health care, and from all continents as well as links to other sites and issues of interest to co-operators.
  The development of cooperatives and other rural organizations: The role of the World Bank A review of farm cooperatives and similar organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa and the World Bank programs supporting them
  "A HAPPY FAMILY:" THE GREEN ZONE COOPERATIVES -  Most of the farmers in the area are now members of the cooperatives and have legal tenure over their land. ...